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The world of light is constantly evolving and those of us who live in it know this very well.
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In Studio Drift’s artistic practice, swarms of luminous drones and robotic kinetic installations

In Studio Drift’s artistic practice, swarms of luminous drones and robotic kinetic installations reinterpret natural behaviors, creating unique works of art.

A brilliant conversation with the Italian designer and founder of the international studio Light it Design, based in Sydney.



The Dictionary sheds light on the alphabet of light design. With each term, the complexity but also the beauty of the technology, processes, and connection with any type of space takes shape.

Ambient lighting
General lighting that provides a consistent level of light throughout a space and creates a sense of...
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Angle of incidence
The angle between a ray of light striking a surface and the line perpendicular to the surface at the...
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Beam angle
The angle between the two directions in which the luminous intensity is 50% of the maximum luminous intensity
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Black body radiation
The theoretical radiation emitted by a perfect radiator, also known as Planck’s law
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The quality of a light source that determines its color appearance, characterized by the x and y coordinates...
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Control gear
The electronic devices that control the operation of a lighting system, such as ballasts, drivers, and...
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Daylight harvesting
The process of using natural light to supplement or replace artificial light in a building, to reduce...
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Diffuse reflection
The reflection of light from a surface in many directions, as opposed to specular reflection, where the...
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The ratio of the light output (lumens) of a light source to the power input (watts) of the same source,...
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Emergency lighting
Lighting that is provided to ensure the safety of occupants during power failures or other emergency...
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A type of lighting that is used to illuminate large areas, such as buildings, sports fields, and monuments
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Full-spectrum lighting
Lighting that reproduces the entire spectrum of colors visible to the human eye, similar to natural light
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Uncomfortable brightness caused by excessive luminance that can be direct or indirect, caused by the...
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Green lighting
The use of energy-efficient lighting systems and technologies to reduce environmental impact
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High-bay lighting
refers to a type of lighting that is designed to provide bright, directional light to areas with high...
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High-Intensity Discharge (HID) Lamp
A type of electrical gas-discharge lamp that generates light through an electric arc between tungsten...
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IES file
An IES file is an industry standard file format used to describe the light distribution of a particular...
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Indirect Lighting
A type of lighting design that focuses on creating a soft and diffuse ambient light, which bounces off...
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Jelly Jar Fixture
A type of outdoor light fixture that resembles a traditional jelly jar and is commonly used to provide...
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Junction box
A junction box is a metal or plastic enclosure used to contain and protect electrical connections. It...
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Kelvin (K)
A unit of measurement for color temperature
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